Crypto crash: Coinbase and Kraken in difficulty interrupt withdrawals

Crypto crash: Coinbase and Kraken in difficulty interrupt withdrawals

In the context of market disruptions on FTX-Binance case funds, US platforms Coinbase and kraken indicate that they are experiencing difficulties, prompting them to limit their services or suspend withdrawals.

On the storm funds caused by the thunderclap of the takeover of FTX by Binance, it is the entire market that is gradually impacted. Thus, certain services of the US giant Coinbase are marked as interrupted.

In addition, another colossus of the sector also American, Kraken let it be known that it encountered concerns with regard to withdrawals from the platform.

Thank you for your question. However, we are monitoring the fact that some customers are having problems. Rest assured that we are working diligently to resolve this issue. Please keep an eye on our status page for real-time updates: »

This sequence has made it possible to reinforce a little more the feeling of panic, the latter nourishing new irrational movements, in a formidable vicious circle. Note, however, that in such market contexts, it is not unusual for platforms to encounter difficulties in the face of an influx of movement and withdrawal requests. However, exercise the utmost caution in view of these extreme market conditions.

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